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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
Those tires look sick on that bike! I like it a lot!!
Was thinking about putting 24's on mine later on but I'll need to convert to disk brakes for sure...
Good idea clearing over the new chrome rims to prevent rust. I was going to make mention that if you need a better clear but don't have a paint gun or just don't want to break out the painting equipment to shoot on the automotive grade clear, you can get the 2k clears in a can for about $20 per can. The way it works is there's a release under the bottom of the can that releases the cataylist into the rest of the can then you shake it good and spray, it only lasts about 24 hours once released but you get a very tough 2 part clear with the convenience of the spray can. This is the same stuff you would normally buy a quart size can of clear and an 8 ounce size can of hardener and it's every bit as tough as well. Here's what I'm talking about and it's really good stuff... you could use this on a new build to protect just about any paint job...
Thanks for thelink Dave, yes I have two of the Binks 7 clones and a couple smaller guns, but for small stuff I dont likr to buy paint or clear coat so that aerosol Urethane clear would be an excellent way to go, never seen that stuff before but I thinking that would be an excellent clear coat to protect and add better shine to the rattle can equipment enamel finishI like to use on the things I spray paint normally, the equipment enamel is already a tougher fi ish than normal rattle can paint but that urethane clear would add even more durability....
Yes sir I ll be ordering me a can of that to give it a try.

On the tire stuff:

Yeah I got the Red 26x 2.125 Kenda K927 tires mounted on the heavy duty Wheel Maste wheels yesterday, They're pretty colorful and almost clownish.... but I wanted to use something different on this bike so the red tire caught my eye, many years ago I was a friends ( keep my car running crew ) since he had money but no mechanical knowledge and had bought a Bracket car which happed to be a moderately pwered Chevy Vega with a fairly well built 355 cid, the car was Red and had Yellow striping across hood and down sides of car, I always kinda like the Red and Yellow together so that is the theme of my Schwinn build, the frame is John Deere Yellow and the Red is tthese Kenda tires, im hoping it doesnt look like a clown bike when Im done but it's for sure that it will be

I need another sprocket adapter for a sprocket change on the old 63 Western Flyer bike and then Ill be putting the wider and meaty 24x 2.35 Kenda Kiniption tires on it, they will look pretty nice on that bike, I am waiting to get my Diamond Head from Jake's and he will be sending me an adapter and a cut-on piston when he ships the head, the head and piston will be for the new build and the adapter will be for the old Western Flyer.

Thanks again for sharing that link with us for the urethane clear coat..... that sounds like an awesome way to increase the durability of a simple rattle can finish or prevent rust on the chrome wheels.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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