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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Got my new Kenda Kiniption 24 x 2.35 tires in the mail yesterday and I throughly cleaned one of my new 26" wheel master wheels with CRC Brake Cleaner and the mounted it onto the rear of a frame I am gonna turn into a nice bike in the near future and and sprayer several good coats of Valspar Clear Gloss enamel on wheels rim, I spin the wheels so I get an even coat and no runs in the finish, I've noticed that these new chrome rims seem to rust real easy and pretty quick since I guess the chrome is very thin on them, so several light coats of a good quality durable clear gloss finish sprayed on them after a good degreasing and cleaning will seal out the moister and makes the dust wash off easier also.
I dont like rust on my wheels if I can help it and this is a fairly quick and easy way to keep the wheels rust free, the chrome does take on a slightly textured appearance, but it is still shiny and looks just fine in my opinion, just looses a little of the extra slick look since most all enamel has a bit of an orange peel look when it dries.

Here are some pics of the rim after the clear coat and also after I mounted the Kenda k927 Cruiser tires on them that will be on the Schwinn Fleet Cruiser once I get the Frame painted and the engine built for it, by the way this bike is gonna be bright and colorful, building it to stand out and be very comfortable for so long 40+mph cruises, may not be my fastest build so far but should be close to the others and it will definitely be an eye catcher build, I'm pretty excited about this one and hoping it turns out the way I have imagined in my country boy head...LOL!

Those tires look sick on that bike! I like it a lot!!
Was thinking about putting 24's on mine later on but I'll need to convert to disk brakes for sure...
Good idea clearing over the new chrome rims to prevent rust. I was going to make mention that if you need a better clear but don't have a paint gun or just don't want to break out the painting equipment to shoot on the automotive grade clear, you can get the 2k clears in a can for about $20 per can. The way it works is there's a release under the bottom of the can that releases the cataylist into the rest of the can then you shake it good and spray, it only lasts about 24 hours once released but you get a very tough 2 part clear with the convenience of the spray can. This is the same stuff you would normally buy a quart size can of clear and an 8 ounce size can of hardener and it's every bit as tough as well. Here's what I'm talking about and it's really good stuff... you could use this on a new build to protect just about any paint job...
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