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Default Re: Just for fun: whats the biggest motor fitted to a bike?

What someone has EVER put on a bike? I don't know if anyone here knows the answer to that. But 212cc engines are somewhat common here, they produce about 7 horses. They require expert fabrication skills and some knowledge of mechanical engineering to install, because they are very powerful and must be built to be as safe and solid as possible. There are also 49cc ktm/morini engines and clones which can produce anywhere from 9 to 15 horsepower depending on the model and any modifications done to them. They also require expert fabrication to install on a bicycle. A bike with a morini or 212cc engine will require the best brakes available, mechanical disk brakes at a minimum, hydraulic is better. I'm just telling you this stuff so you know that bolting a powerful engine into a bicycle require some very serious measures for safety in case you are thinking of trying one. It's not a "slap it on and go" type of deal.
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