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Default Re: I was hit by a car last night...

LRJerry still doesn't know what he's talking about- his post above is direcred at mopeds and motorcycles. Motor driven bicycles of 50cc are allowed, without registration, unless the law the law has changed in the last year or so.

He's just one of those people who wants to discourage others- us- stickling on technicalities and events that aren't there.

It's bad enough that-yes- technicalities are left hanging over us- and I think purposelly- while otherwise our bikes are tolerated- we have to operate on pins and needles, while it more opens the doors to nonsense against us or ties our hands when situations arise-

I'm not going on a search of this, and waste my time over yet again anotherinter know-it-all, but Florida allows motorized biikes of 50 cc without registration, and seems to tolerate the 66

unless a bully constantly forces a gay marriage issue to stir things up- and then there's always pathetic sadists in America these days who want to take our rights to life, liberty and happiness, if and when they can.

and never achy-breaky enough for them, huh?
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