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Default Re: I was hit by a car last night...

My pedaling speed is 12 - 17mph on flat grounds w/o the engine, and you were riding in the 10-15mph range? So it's almost irrelevant if you have the engine on or not?? But having the engine helped you avoid direct impact to your body? He was a few feet from running you over... In either case, I'm glad you're ok. Like I said, the city should at least helped you to see a doctor. Who would really care about the front wheel at this point, the PD is about 3 feet from running you over.

Originally Posted by AVroman View Post
by a none other than a cop.

I turned right onto 3rd St. from Center Ave here in Daytona, and a Holly Hill Police officer decided that he wanted to pull into a parking lot using the wrong entrance. He was going well above the speed limit, and at that point I was going 10-15mph pedaling. He made the abrupt turn without a signal and I tried to avoid this cruiser but it was not enough. I ended up getting hit, and was on the ground for a couple minutes. Two more Holly Hill officers showed up, followed by and ambulance and a Florida Highway Patrol Officer. I was bandaged by the EMTs and deemed to not have a concussion.

The force of the impact shut off the motor without me using the kill switch and ruined a front rim that I had just put on the bike not 2 days before. Luckily my family and friends made me get a full face motorcycle helmet, and to that I am thankful. I ended up with a few scrapes, burns and bruises, but I am okay.

In the end, it was deemed that although the officer was at fault for the illegal turn, there would be no tickets issued. I was not a very happy camper about this and the FHP officer knew this. After I was okay to go, I walked my bike home with the spare rim and tire that I had just taken off.

I guess I am posting this as a warning to all riders that even the people who are meant to enforce the law of using indicators, do not use indicators themselves. Even today as a joke I said to my step dad, "Watch out, here comes a Holly Hill cop. Be prepared for an unindicated turn." Sure enough the cop made an abrupt run without and indicator and then almost turned right into us as he cam back onto the road.

Pleas be safe while riding everyone.

Attached is an image of my bike, taken at the scene. It is a 1992 DiamondBack Cross Country with 700x23c tires. The motor has 900+ miles on it and still runs strong. Mostly stock, 2-3 small upgrades/changes.
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