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Default Re: I was hit by a car last night...

OK then he is at fault. Still Florida isn't a motorized bicycle friendly state. In order to be legal there you have to meet moped requirements. (Under 50 cc, must have pedals, no manual clutch or manual shifting of engine driven gears, has to be registered, lighting and instruments requirements). There's what's known as double fault in the law. Where both parties are at fault. For example: a vehicle is at fault for hitting another vehicle. However the victim vehicle driver didn't have a drivers license therefore shouldn't have been there. Both are normally charged but can't sue the other for damages since both are at fault. So if you aren't legal consider yourself lucky and leave it alone. If you are legally registered as a moped then per sue legal action. This is why I so strongly stress riding legally you never know when somebody may run into you. Something breaks on your bike causing you to be seriously hurt or you may even encounter a road block.
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