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Default Re: 4 stroking at 0 throttle-1/4 throttle

Not sure what your problem is but if it wasn't acting up before this problem and you haven't changed anything, then it has nothing to do with fuel mix or carb angle and if it only 4 strokes at low rpm that isn't that uncommon and wont hurt a thing, just put some miles on it keeping an eye on drive train and all mounting hardware.

I will say that going to 32:1 mix could help the issue some but if you do change mix be sure to check the plug after a few miles just to make sure you dont get to lean, most likely it wont be but never hurts to double check.

Another thing to remember is it make absolutley no difference what lower you have or what upper you have blah blah blah...... the same tuning techniques apply to any china girl you have....

One more thing ai will add is that 99% of the time having the c clip on the second from the top notch is whete it needs to be and then correct carb jetting will get the tune where it needs to be, you proba ly need a smaller main jet onceyou get some more time and miles on the engine but for now I'd just run it and let it break in a bit more before making more changes if it will maintain a comfortable cruise speed you can live with until it loosens up and settles in a little better.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!

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