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Default Re: Grease: How Do You Do It?

my climate is salt and sand. Metal dissolves pretty much as soon as you get it home. I've now had 3 china girls and 1 grubee 4stroke on several frames. all have had no grease on wheels when I got them. I'm a hand slap bearing greaser myself. I use marvel red grease. then wash it every other day or two with a quick spray of pb blaster when chain needs a hit.
After the huffy cranbrook axle locked up on the way home ( the bearing cages dissolved due to beach sand and salty climate)I have had no luck sourcing the bearings replacements. The local shops are price point minded and refuse to order parts for us motor heads. (one only sells loose ball bearings , and the other is a giant fat tire shop who hates us!!).
Is there a bearing size that is cruiser specific (huffy,firm strg,micrg....) 26 or 29 inch wheel that comes stock on new frames.
Has anyone had any luck with uncaged ball bearings ?
it seems to be a little sketchy given the dust cover on my bikes are removed for sprocket install.
Thanks for your thoughts or advice on this matter
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