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Default Re: I was hit by a car last night...

glad you're only have minor injuries. Did you get yourself check out by a doctor? Did you feel like your life was about to end??? if you do, take it up to the cities. Even though there were no tickets issued, you can still take it up to the cities... Be angry when you're there...

I know I would...

My house was broken into by the PDs one night. I was pissed when I got home and took it up to the cities. They would not paid for any damages until I mention these points:
1) If i were to break into anyone house, I would surely be paying for it.
2) The laws should applied to all including law enforcers.
3) Our roommate was texting us every few hours fearing of thiefs/robbers... etc
4) And that my wife couldn't not sleep for days for fear of thieves breaking into our house...(while we were on vacation 3000miles away)

I was fighting with the cities for a about a week before they agreed to pay for the damages.
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