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Default Re: Making a custom bike engine

Thank you guys for all the tips. I'm taking all of them into consideration.
I've determined from research that in my engine the crank pins will be offset by 60 degree's relative to one another.
I've also thought out the crankshaft some more and changed how it will assembled. In my previous design, I was going to make every part as an individual part that get pressed and pinned together. I've changed my design in that, 4 of the crank disks will be made with the crank shaft as on piece instead of two with my previous design. Then there be two female crank disks that are bored through for the male end of the opposing crank disk/ shaft combo. These female ends will be have the shafts pressed into them, and have a screw that is a slip fit though the shaft and half the disk, then the screw will engage the threads in the other half of the female crank disk.
I hope i explained that we'll enough. But here is a photo of my drawing to help understand what my design is, currently.

I'm looking into the bearing idea. But I'm not sure if I'm going to go with bronze bushings or a bearing.
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