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Default Re: Something wonderful happened today!

Yeah... I was pissed at the boys for using the shop vac for a pooper scooper because I fired it up in the garage and the smell was disgusting to say the least... went in the house yelling at them to clean it up so they decie to fill it halfway with water to let it soak so they can clean it easier... Now I'm more pissed, but I rolled it out close to the door and was going back in to get a drink and get the boys to dump that trhing out in the back yard way away from the house and then when I went back out to the garage to point out the nasty shop vac I noticed it wasn't there... checked beside the house... not there either... asked them both if one of them moved it and they both don't know anything... Then I notice my leaf blower is also missing and look around for it but knew I left it right by the door because I was using it earlier.
Anyway, as mad as I was at the boys for doing that to my shop vac, I had to laugh when I thought of some poor fool running up to grab it, taking it anyway because it was heavy and just thinking they probably got some of the water sloshed out onto them trying to carry it off, then to open it up or hope they got it all over inside their car or their truck bed.... But yeah... they got what they deserved ripping that one off...
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