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Default Re: What REALLY causes more pollution? Gas or Electric?

You've all ignored several factors that are against burning fossil fuels

Noise Pollution- Electric motors are much more quiet. In a world that's incredibly more NOISY than it used to be, with less avenue of escape for a larger percentage of people all the time, electric vehicles would not disturb others so frequently, or distract the trains of thought of others around- and the train of thought is important to each individual's intelligence quotient. Higher task thinking can't develope in organisms constantly under the stress and distraction of noise- startling noises especially, which even cause physiological changes by spiking the breathing rate and heart rhythms, and are factors that contribute to paranoid and schzophrenic thought patterns.

And not just the noise: the VIBRATIONS- which are even harder to escape, and which can really attack the nervous and digestive systems. I live on sandy ground, in Florida, and down the street from a garbage truck facility where hundreds of trucks leave every weeday morning starting at 4 am,- and it sounds like WWIII- and trucks are driving around then all day and into the evening and some trucks are being serviced in the bays with their diesel motors running literally 22 hours a day. I'm waiting for my house to be swallowed by a giant sinkhole because this place is shaking almost the entire work week.

Then there's the HEAT FACTOR of gasoline motors. Global Warming discussions are typically diverted to focus on the Greenhouse Gas effect of sunlight being magnified by coming through an atmoshere full of cO2 gases. Yet I've always personally believed that DIRECT heat from burning fossil fuels is really more involved in raising temperatures. Most people here have some experience with trying to work on a motor that's hot- some motors run VERY hot, and fossil fuel motors spray out VERY hot exhaust- Billions of automobiles running with the daylight hours around the globe at any time, and an exploding aircraft traffic spewing hot gasses all through the very upper reaches of the earth's thin atmosphere.

Indoor heating based on fossil fuels has to be then more vented- losing a greater percentage of the heat just to retain breathable air- Personally I'm sickened very easily by propane. So despite whatever coal burning or pollution that it may take to produce electricity- it is at some centralized location, while a home dweller doesn't have to worry about venting electric heat- only about still getting enough oxygen to breathe in a closed environment otherwise.

I'm not anti- gasoline- I'm just very much about sane uses for it, and cutting back. There's a reason why our cars don't yet have small parking lot and drive up electric hybrid motors, small motors that could give us a half hour at 5 or 10 mph- and the reason is that gasoline sales drive corporate policies and have for too long. It isn't that viable alternatives are impossible- they've been discouraged!
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