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Default Re: too rich fuel mix?

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
There are many theories on how best to break in a Chinese 2 stroke. I'm one who starts a new engine with my Opti-2 @ 100:1 and I never change from day one. I don't baby my engines but I don't abuse them either. In fact I ride from the first start like I ride normally. I don't subscribe to the 'cool down' method. That being to ride and then stop to allow the engine to cool. I climb hills under WOT conditions, do flat ground runs at part throttle then twist in all I can, not worrying about 'taking it easy'.

I attribute my success with these little engines to using an oil that provides adequate lubrication through all phases of running and allows for good piston ring seating in the early stages.
Like I said, I don't baby them, but I don't treat them like fine porcelain either. So far, so good. I've never had one let me down or have a major failure.

With that said I will admit that I don't start playing with carburetor tuning, jet sizes, until I've burned a couple of tanks of fuel. I let them burble and run rich a little then I solder and drill my jets to give me the best performance.
But that's just me. Others have different opinions and methods that work too. It is anything but an exact science. It boils down to 'whatever works for you'.


I use regular two stroke oil at 40:1 but aside from that detail, this is exactly how I run new engines. Been working for decades on all engine types.
I learned from a fast racer buddy to break it in like you plan to ride it and have done it ever since.
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