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Talking Something wonderful happened today!

I recently had a customer who traded me a MOTORHOME for a 49cc mtb only to have it stolen from his driveway after he had ridden it less than two hours.
I made a post on the theft here in Memphis and was contacted a few days ago by a gentleman who claimed to have a motorized bike laying in his garage he was willing to DONATE to replace my customers lost bike.
Of course, being craigslist, I was extremely skeptical, but kept hoping.
Well, it turned out to be legit. I just got off the phone with the guy and am going to pick it up tomorrow morning.
No idea what kind or shape, but the thought alone is simply wonderful. It really makes me feel good to know there are still a few decent people among all the thieves and scammers on craigslist.
I will get it running and ready and get some pics when I deliver the replacement bike to this sweet old guy. I know he is going to be thrilled and totally surprised when I spring this on him...
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