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Default Re: I was hit by a car last night...

The thought just ran few my heads a few days ago after I was in a similar situation that I think the motorist these days is really just more inclined to actually want an incident.

Someone turned right in front of me the same way- They really HAD to know I was there- I think they had just come past me, and yet there was no signal or acknowledgement that- yes, just a few seconds later, I was STILL THERE.

And as a life long cyclist, I just had the feeling that the hostile internet chat or the increased pressures of life itself has made people not jusdt careless- but hoping they can take out their frustrations, when they may not be TECHNICALLY at fault.
(cause this happens all the time to riders whether motored or not). People have more road rage and hostile attitude of late I'm afraid. They don't want a person on two wheels to pass them again when they've had to slow down for traffic in front of them, even if its one of the few advantages of cycling, and even when you are dilligent not to be in the way otherwise.

It's a trend that's irratating and dangerous- but all you can do is be ready for any car that goes past to turn right in front of you. When it happens, it's at that moment not a matter of who's right and whose wrong- it's simply a matter of not crashing.

personally I wouldn't use a full face helmet on a bike either , and out of concern for being aware of what's around me to begin with- but I always wear a cycling helmet when motoring at least- and it's good you had it on at that point

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