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Default Re: too rich fuel mix?

That was extremely informative guys, thanks. However, I do not see myself taking the risk of switching to Opti2 with this particular engine. (which is from I would be interested to give that a shot on a new motor though and I would probably do that right from the start same as 2door.

I would like to add also, from the perspective of someone who just tried this firsthand, that marine oil 2stroke oil is NOT the same as regular air-cooled 2 cycle oil. I had a couple of guys (engine mechanics and knowledgeable fellas) tell me that there is no difference between 2 stroke oils. I got the "2stroke is 2stroke" argument and due to the fact that the Castrol 2 stroke that I was using from the start was no longer available in my community, I had to switch. Well, when I started running the Valvoline 2-cycle marine oil, the engine started making a "rubbing/hissing" sound like there was less lubrication in the engine. I switched to regular valvoline 2 cycle and the symptom disappeared completely. Hmm
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