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Default New Rider questions

Hey Everyone, I'm looking to get into a motorized bicycle - and I've got a few questions

I'm looking to get it mainly for my drive to work(~5mi). I live in the country where its fairly hilly, So I'm a little concerned about the bike on those hills. I live in MD, so I have to have something under 50cc without having to register it. would a 49cc model be sufficient? I weigh roughly 140-145 lbs. Also, Are the cc's stamped or printed on the motor anywhere? If not, in theory, could I get away with a 66cc? If they look identical I don't see why not?
And what types of speeds can I expect on both motors?

Also, I see you can motorize mountain bikes, however I'm curious how that works with having different gears on a mountain bike?

I'm not concerned with installation because I've been working on cars for years, and have been around small engines my entire life, however I just need someone that can explain to me how that works.

I'm looking to spend around 200$ on a decent motor kit, so I'm willing to pay more for better parts. If anyone could recommend a nice brand or website please let me know

I appreciate any input anyone has to offer
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