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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Thanks... That was part of the reason I decided on this front end... it's uniqueness and the type of suspension system as these ride & handle really well and they can take a beating. This suspension type is called the girder fork or front end and it's been around for decades on motorcycles like the Royal Einfield and several Harley choppers from the 70's thru the 90's (these look killer on a Harley). For ride quality, they are very hard to beat as the suspension doesn't alter the rake/trail as it compresses like telescoping forks so the geometry remains the same regardless of compresion or rebound position. The older motorcycle versions didn't use shocks either, just s set of leather or ruber washers on a pivot and the rider would adjust the "damping" by adjusting the tension on these washers... There's a decent picture of the "friction Disc" shock absorbers on wikipedia, and here's a picture of a 1939 Matchless using a girder fork... And here's a 1942 Norton with a girder fork and you can see the friction disk shock absorber pretty easily in this pic, it's the hand wheel nut on the lower link on the fork, on the front end of the lower pivot link below the spring... And in my opinion, these look best on Harley choppers like this sportster with a stretched girder front end...

Anyway, when looking for a cool unique looking front end for my build I stumbled on these Girvin/Noleen forks from the mid 90's and decided this was the look I wanted as well as offering better ride quality and handeling. I remember back around 2000 I had a Mongoose mountain bike with full suspension and when it got stolen I went to a bike shop looking to replace this bike, the salesman was trying to sell me a Cannondale with a Rock Shock and I was asking him about the suspension, this is where I learned about elastomers because he was explaining to me how the elastomers eliminated the need for springs and shocks in the fork but I didn't trust the elastomers and ended up buying something more conventional.

Hopefully I'll have mine built up today so I can take some pics of it before and after I install it.
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