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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Oh... sorry about that, the elastomers are these rubber cushions they used instead of springs, look on the first pic you posted, see that kinda clear yellow looking thing where the spring should be, kinda right behind the reflector... that's the elastomer they used to come with. They kinda mimic a spring and shock since they absorb the bumps but they don't snap back like a spring without a shock absorber so they're really good for saving weight but they have limited travel and they're a mess when they wear out. Here's a pic of the elastomers... Other brands like Rock Shocks, Manitou, and a few others used to use these back in the late 90's instead of springs and shocks inside their forks...
Basically the spring upgrade kit is just a specially wound spring that supposedly doesn't snap back and the shock has no oil damping, it's just basically a hollow tube with sliding bushings, I ended up measuring the eye to eye distance on mine and ordered a regular shock/spring combo but I'll need to drill and ream the eye holes and either make or aquire some bushings to match the original elastomer shock body.

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