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Talking Re: can anyone make a living with this hobby?

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post
It is sad; you have to be careful...there are people who will answer an AD with no intention of buying what you are selling, they're just coming to case your house. It happens all the time, and with a bad economy I'm afraid it will only get worse.

The best option, the one I use, is to simply get the word out when talking to people during the day. It won't be long and business will be good.

Crime is up here, desperation crimes are on the rise. I live in what is considered a "nice" town and in the last 2 weeks the bank down the street and across town in the really nice area a quickie mart was ripped off.

I've switched from selling out of my garage to putting it in my car and meeting people in the office parking lot down the street. Which is fine for bike frames, bike etc but not much else.

I agree that this will only increase as time goes on.

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