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Default Re: Breaking in a new motor

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
Man I'm still looking to see who sells Opti2 locally over here because it really sounds like good stuff... I sell and use Amsoil but it's always worth it to give other brands a try when I hear good stuff about them.
I buy mine from a local hardware store in packets that mix 2 1/2 gallons @ 100:, I use two packets in a 5 gallon gas jug and that runs me for a good long time usually, I use that same mix in every 2 cycle engine I own with excellent results.

Its ebay to find on ebay and it is packaged under some other brand names as well that buy the product and put it in their own package as a one mix for every small 2 cycle engine.

Seems like Sears had it repackaged at one time and tractor supply carried it packaged by Arnold Brand cant remember what it was called though, I just buy the Opti2 myself even though the other is the same stuff just in a different package.

I know 2door, myself and some others on here have been using it for a long time in our engines and I have even heard of it being used in place of light machine oil for some stuff and it worked great for that also, I guess I will always e on the Opti2 band wagon because I use it, I abuse it and it has never let me down, engines run great and I dont put around, lots of WOT riding for mile and miles some time at 40+ mph and high rpm, engines just sing along and never break a sweat... how can anyone complain about that...?

Here is a link to some reviews on Amazon, one bad one I see here that is most like from not knowing what they were doing, since they say the lack of enough oil caused a lean condition which isnt how it works..LOL!

These are the packets I use.

I am thinking about going this route though

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!

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