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Default Re: To Moped or Motorized Bike

Oh yeah, people are drawn to the unique and unusual, and of course the motor heads like me enjoys most things with wheels and an engine, some arrogant types will snub their nose and just walk on by but in their heart they really want to stop and look, they're just jealous that they aren't getting the attention and that they dont have one...LOL!

I've been around people that almost act as though they are mad when they see it, sometimes thats because their wife and kids are smiling and looking my way with that wow look on their faces and the fella with the overactive ego doesn't like that...LOL!

It was funny what happened the other day when I was in town on one of the fast bikes, a fella on a 50cc Chinese scooter was trying to chase me down, he peeped his horn at me a couple times but I was on my way home and didn't feel like talking to anyone, I just hammered down and smoked him for several miles, he couldn't catch me and finally just turned off and quit trying.... I was about 9-10 miles from home... I laughed a little because I'm sure he was thinking what the heck... I just got outrun by a bicycle for about 3 miles... now that kinda thing is just pure fun to me..!
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