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Default Re: Breaking in a new motor

I break mine in fairly hard I would say, I get it running, look over everything real good, do a few mid rpm revs while bike is just sitting there, and listen for anything that sound abnormal and then if all looks and sounds good I take it for a spin, I will keep the speed at what is probably about 3/4 of what the bike will end up doing at top speed, i'll go about 2 miles and then stop and look everything over and listen for odd sounds, if all looks good I take off again and put maybe 10-12 miles on it varying speeds from low 20's to low 30's mph thats usually all I will do on the new engine that day and then the next time I take it out I run it for a couple miles to see how it acts and how the carb tune seems to be and then I open it up and run it hard for a few hundred yards and then back down to a good clip that will likely be where I cruise with it the most, by now it will have about 20-25 miles on it and from this point on I run it like I plan to until it dies, and by the way all this is done with using Opti2 mix @ 100:1 ratio = 1.28oz of oil per gallon, never a single failure and my latest two builds run mid to upper 40's for miles and miles without a single issue in the hot dry Texas weather, I wouldn't dream of running my bikes like this on any other oil though....

Many ways people do theres and if it works out good then its a good way, not sure if anyone actually knows what is "best" all I know is that the way I do mine works great for me, my bikes have good power, good speed and I have not had a single oil related failure since switching to Opti2 back in 2010.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!

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