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Default Re: Breaking in a new motor

I agree... It's always best to use a good non synthetic oil during break in, synthetics are too good at protecting from wear and will hinder proper break ins as well.

My preferred method of break in is to go easy on it the first 15 to 30 minutes and stay close to home, after this first run it's time to play a little more with it and run it harder. The main thing to be concearned with is to NOT overheat a new engine and it should break in just fine. I've been messing with 2 stroke engines for over 30 years and never ruined an engine due to improper break in so I do what works for me, others have their own techniques and if it works, then they should stick to what works for them and should be just fine... Pretty much, non synthetic oil and don't let it overheat and it should break in with no problems.
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