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Default Re: coaster brake revisisted

Dave I'd like to assist in any way I can. Besides custom one-off bracketing I am currently working on a line of generic brackets and clamps that can be used and/or adapted to a verity of uses. Just so it is known fare and wide, I test everything on my own personal bike first. It is the perfect excuse to beat the snot out of my bike, I call this "test riding". lol
You know I came to this hobby by chance. A customer came to me and asked if I could build him a motorbike? I did some research and told him it wouldn't be cheap and it had to be safe and reliable by my standards. He agreed and put out a deposit. Five months later I was still waiting for parts to finish the bike when he became impatient and backed out. I refunded his deposit, and adopted the motorbike. I've since built 2 more, one I sold and the other is finished, but I'm detailing it. It is based on the my Sprint design and leans towards the "low rider" side of things. Can't wait to show it off...
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