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Default Re: Breaking in a new motor

Personal opinion, don't use synthetic oil on break in. It MAY prevent the rings from seating properly. From what I understand synthetic oils stop the break in process and actually seal the walls of the block and prevent wear. On break in you WANT them to wear, to conform to each other for better fit and compression.
There are generally 2 camps of thought on break in. The first is that running the engine hard will help the break in process and help seat the rings to the jug better and sooner. The other is to run the engine lightly and break it in slowly and not to stress the engine too much until break in.
Again my personal opinion is run it hard. I would rather have something fail early when I am within a mile of house during the process, not 35 miles away.
I always go over my engine with a fine tooth comb after every run during a break in. make sure everything stays tight. After all bolts and chains stretch and crap gets rattled loose all the time.
These aren't high quality machines, take care of them though and they should run well for quite a while. Always keep in the back of your mind though that it can go out at any time. Reliability is not one of their strong points.
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