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Default Re: I was hit by a car last night...

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
Yeah, the cops usually won't ticket their fellow officers or will try to sweep the whole thing under the rug so to speak if you have more complaints like for medical bills or to cover the cost to repair/replace your bike... They drive like crazy here in San Antonio too like the rules don't even apply to them.
The disappointing part of the cop not getting a ticket is the fact that the two departments have absolutely no connection.

Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench View Post
I've been there too. And I was very pleased with my helmet also. Three or so weeks in the hospital with a bunch of broken bones was pretty crappy, but it sure beats being dead - which by the look of my helmet was what I'd have been.
Ya know, funny thing: I can't remember seeing the guy who hit me signal his turn either. Mind you, that is no surprise at all. It seems to be some kind of nationwide phenomenon - something like 80% of motorists seem to have forgotten what that little stick is for next to the steering wheel.
Glad you are okay as well. Like you said, better to be beat up than dead.

I was even able to confirm the fact that the cop didn't use his blinker because he did not move from the spot where he hit me. On newer cars, when you activate the turn signal to make a turn, it will not turn off until you bring the steering wheel back to 12 o'clock. I even asked the FHP officer this without giving him the answer and he confirmed what I had already told my parents. I walked off after he game me my answer. My mom had to explain to him why I asked that question.
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