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Default Re: To Moped or Motorized Bike

True.. if you love to tinker with stuff, the motorized bike is the way to go, but if you want something more dependable and not so high maintainance, then the moped is the go...
Of course, the motorized bike is a bit more manly to be seen on but to each their own there... if it's fun and you enjoy it, who cares what others think.. And, if your budget allows for a little (or a lot) more, there's one called the motoped which is as manly as it gets because it uses a 50 to 150cc 4 stroke Honda minibike clone engine and down hill mountainbike components to complete the build, these things are tough, look tough, and you can pedal them when needed or fire up the engine and be gone... .... I don't sell these or make these, but I do drool all over myself when I visit their site... These are the coolest by far...
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