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Default Re: Clutch problems/ high resistance and reversed lever

Another approach that doesn't require rollers or any additional parts is one I covered in a very old thread that I can't find at the moment.
However, in short, what I do is sand and smooth the end of the bucking bar where it contacts the cam in the clutch actuator/sprocket cover. I also do the same to the cam where the bar makes contact.

Use a Dremel with a fine sanding disc and smooth the end of the bar removing all of the rough factory surface. Don't remove enough material that will shorten the bar, just smooth the surface removing any roughness. Do the same to the cam. Take off the sharp edge and smooth the contacting surface, called the cam approach angle, then, if you have the equipment, polish the areas you sanded on a bench buffer until they take on a chrome-like finish.
Lubricate the contacting/moving parts and you'll see a dramatic decrease in clutch pull force. Guaranteed.

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