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Default Re: First Time Build - I welcome advice

So here's an update. Of course, advice is welcome:
As it turns out, the person who is getting this bike would love it (talked to his wife) but is not big on "motorcycle" looking bikes. She mentioned he liked when he saw one with the engine on the back (versus frame mount).

So now I'm thinking, maybe the best bet is to get a GEBE or Staton rear mount bike. I don't really want to do a friction drive however as I think it'll be more trouble).

Now remember, this has to be a 35cc Honda (preferable) 4 stroke build.

From what I am reading here on the board, the Staton is a lot noisier than the GEME setup. What do you guys think? I also like the fact that he can pedal at any time with or without engine running.

NOTE: Is there anyway to make the GX35 quieter without choking it? Maybe an exhaust thats short and points towards the ground? I remember reading here about a "flexible exhaust" setup but can't seem to fing the thread

Thanks all!!
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