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Default Re: Clutch problems/ high resistance and reversed lever

Originally Posted by Crysisfreak7 View Post
also is there any way to make it so i dont have to use so much force to pull the clutch, if i attach the cable as it is, i will have to use all my hand strength to pull it.
If possible post a picture of how you have the clutch cable from the handlebars to the engine. Do you have the cable tied down to the frame? Any sharp bends or kinks in the cable?

There are things you can do to decrease the force required to disengage the clutch but we need to see yours first. For one thing if you installed the small spring that comes in the kit between the clutch cable guide on the engine and the clutch actuator arm you need to remove and discard it. It serves no purpose except to make the clutch harder to pull. Also make sure the actuator parts are well lubricated. That includes the cam in the cover, the bucking bar which is the steel pin that protrudes from the drive sprocket and the ball bearing that goes in the same hole as the bucking bar. Use bearing grease, not oil or WD-40, which isn't a lubricant.

The cable itself will also benefit from lubrication. Some use grease, some use oil. But the cable will move more easily if it has some lube.

Show us a picture and we'll be able to offer a little more help.

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