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Default Re: What REALLY causes more pollution? Gas or Electric?

Originally Posted by pnwfoodguy View Post
So a few years ago, I was trained on the east coast an an Energy Efficiency expert. I remember reading somewhere that electricity, although 100% efficient at the consumer end, was very inefficient because of the energy it took to produce. Also, that 40% of electricity is still produced by coal!

I'm no engineer, but maybe someone can definitively answer this:
Assuming a 100 mile trip, what really pollutes more? a gallon of gasoline or an electric bike?

I'd say its 100% dependent on where your plug is. Get all your power from hydro or solar or wind? or coal? Nuke? or trash? backyard generator? or a mix of all of them?
complicated question. Most our power around my area is nuke/coal/trash. Id say the gas is a better choice, unless my tank leaks again.
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