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Default Re: how long do kevlar drive belts last?

The GEBE system uses toothed belts and toothed pulleys. If the belt is slipping it is either very loose and the teeth are jumping past each other or prior operation with the belt tension set too loose has damaged the teeth of the belt and/ or the teeth of the pulleys.
Kevlar belts are very durable. The life of the belt really depends on how you ride the bike.
Do you pedal from a stop before engaging the engine? Doing so will extend the life of the belt.
Do you frequently check and adjust the belt tension?
Too loose and it will slip. Too tight and belt and wheel bearing/ transmission bearing wear be accelerated.
Do you ride in very dusty or sandy conditions?
The grit that unavoidably will get in between the belt and pulleys will accelerate wear on both.
According to GEBE expect at least a year of life out of the belt when ridden frequently under "normal" conditions.
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