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Default Re: The best deal EVER.

Got it started and running finally after pulling the carb for inspection.
Turns out someone had completely closed the float adjustment preventing ANY fuel from getting into the bowl. It was stopped at the inlet. All the cranking in the world was useless with no fuel. I originally thought it was clogged fuel lines but luckily it was human error (or something).
Drove just fine with only slight flatspotting of the tires and weak brakes.
Pedal is right on the floor. I'm hoping fluid and a bleed will help. If not, it advertises as "needs brakes."
I'm stoked. This should sell for $2-3k easily with some elbow grease.
Got the inside cleaned out today, outside wash and inside scrubdown with soap and water tomorrow!

I opened the valve and set the float height and it fired right up and ran fine.
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