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Default First Time Build - I welcome advice

Hi all
So I live here in Portland OR and I want to do my first build. I am a pretty good motorcycle mechanic so I am pretty handy. This is a special build as it will be given away to a person I know who loves biking but can't physically do it so easy anymore. I owe him BIG time and when he saw one of these, his eyes lit up like a little kid. It will be a great surprise for him

PROBLEMS: Portland is a bikers city, but they are bike snobs. They will not like seeing a motorized bike (I'm from NJ so I say F@$K them). Also, I need to keep this to a 35cc build as anything above that is considered a moped therefore needs to be licensed, registered, etc. At35cc and under it falls under a whole slew of easier regulations.

Here are my criteria:
1. I want tis to be a nice bike (think Foscatti)
2. Money is not a great concern, but I want to keep this around $1,000.
3. Retro Cruiser with Spring Fork and Balloon Tires - I'm looking at a Micargi Falcon, Nirve 53. I'd love a Felt 1903 but they are ridiculous in $ if you can find one.
4. Must use a Honda 35cc motor (GX35). Besides their reliability, I hate Chinese crap so this is a must. Also, as stated above, it will meet OR regulations for no license, no registration, etc, etc. Besides it will be ridden mostly in the city and Portland is relatively flat.


BIKE - Besides what I mentioned, any other suggestions? I could search CL, etc and go driving around looking for a bargain, but for now, I'd rather just buy new (of course I am looking and if something pops up, I'll jump on it).
- Is it better to have a one speed bike than say a 3 or 7 speed?
- Is one coaster rear brake enough? I have seen front wheels with drum brakes built in and that looks OK also. I know that normal front brakes can be trick with a springer fork.

Motor: Again, only a Honda 35cc will do. Needs to be frame mounted (like a motorcycle). From what I've read, it looks like a Vframe mounting plate will work best? Something like >>
- Where would I find the best exhaust for this engine? And also important is that its as QUIET as possible without restricting power.

Transmission - Here's my greatest dilemma. I want to make sure that if the engine quits he can still pedal without resistance from the motor. Therefore it needs some sort of clutch ?? Is the best way to attach a sprocket to the rear wheel? If so, honestly I'm a little confused as to the best way to make that connection. Also, what are the benefits to a tensioner?

I'd like to get started as soon as possible, but won't do so until I hear from you guys. Your suggestions are certainly appreciated

BTW, attaching a Fosscati photo just because I love his bikes.
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