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Default Re: The best deal EVER.

Originally Posted by maniac57 View Post
I hope for my arrest record I don't run into some fool riding this bike.

This is the very reason I prefer a revolver over a Semi-Auto box magazine type pistol or say a 1911 granted they are beautiful and excellently crafted works of art in my eyes but, you retain your brass in a revolver opposed to the semi which spays the shells all over the place and when time is of the essence who wants to be searching around for spent brass?

Unless your planning on sticking around for the coppas. Only problem with that is even if you are shooting a ****ball criminal who deserves it chances are they will arrest you and take away all your guns. T

People will say "Oh my it's only a bicycle why would you shoot him" Well liberals...I don't see it that way. I see is an intruder who went onto another mans land with the intent to steal his belongings You also must consider that 90% of these people "when confronted in the act of stealing" attack the person that caught them in an attempt to get away.

Now lets say "& god forbid" this guys kid walked outside and saw dood sealing the bike .. what would of transpired then , who knows but either way. the pill head deserves to be shot ! least once in the foot .& the person protecting his own stuff shouldn't be the one arrested hence the reason I like revolvers.!

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