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Default Re: The best deal EVER.

To be honest I wont sugar coat it , never been one to do so, I.M.H.O. It Looks like a gas guzzling bottomless money pit.unless you need it to live in or something to that affect, rip out the big block & tranny . Then scrap the rest of it Find a cheap Dodge Neon and cram that big block in it. & go hunting rice burners

When gas prices hit $5-$6 bucks a gallon you will need a part time job just to cover the gas prices to get you to your day job.

Point being you haven't even got it home yet and your already shelling out $50 in cash. and that $50 is a conservative number compared to what you will need to spend to get it road worthy.

Just my 2 please don't think I'm being mean or how they put it " flaming you" I'm not I'm just trying to help you see the light !!

Imagine that motor in a tiny Dodge neon LOL ... it would take off so fast the paint would just drop on the ground ...

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