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Default Re: Best bang for the buck 4 stroke?

Originally Posted by JacktheRiffer View Post
Where i live the max is 80cc (they dont check) and although the law says no shifting gears manually as long as its with the bicycles gears its okay.
not to be pedantic - but just to clarify: I'm from OK also and looked into our traffic code Title 47.

amended to legalize "gopeds" in 2004 but also same section clarifies the legal status of motorized bicycles (which are now "one step up" from "gopeds" - motorized bicycle can drive on 35 MPH roads and less (gopeds on 25 mph roads and less). motorized bicycle can have up to 2-horspower engines and not over 50cc. gopeds must have 35cc or less sized engines.

maximum allow designed speed of motorized bicycle must not exceed 30 mph on level ground, goped design speed must not exceed 25 mph.

both gopeds and motorized bicycle must have:

1. seat
2. mirrors
3. headlamp visible to 300 ft
4. tailight visible to 300 ft
5. windshield (if rider is not wearing goggles)
6. fenders over both wheels
7. speedometer (this one is my City Code req - not under our State code)

Title 47 section 1-133.3(3) a). and b). (Goped section)_ this is the 2004 amended section

Title 47 section 1-104 (for motorized bicycle section)_this section predates the 1980's_most of it I think dates to the 60's-amended in parts in the 80's.
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