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Default Re: How do You break in your ht motor?

If you want the best torque, gear it accordingly! Gears make the biggest difference. Keep in mind, the chinagirl oils itself under load.
This means when going downhill, the best thing you can do is pull the clutch lever in and coast. Do not use engine braking!

My best hillclimber 2-stroke used the stock 44T gearing and pedal gearing set up for max pedal torque at 15MPH.
The engine was stock aside from cleaned-up ports, made max torque at about 15MPH itself. I climbed some very steep hills with it without issue.

As for plug, in the Bay I'd recommend a B6HS all-around. A B7HS should work fine too. From my exp, a B5 is more of a winter plug.
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