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Originally Posted by Toothy View Post
I really respect what you have to say. I bought the unit within the last three months so it must be the latest and greatest. With no prior experience with basic china engine set ups I can't compare. What I'm running might be great or poor to someone in the know. I really don't want to pull my wiring to see......but would I be better off with stock? to try, damn!!

These bikes are a challenge .... The gf is laying down some heat!
Well, Toothy what I say on all of this isn't etched in stone by any means... , but I can speak from personal experience and relate to what other have said they have experienced, I know there is suppose to be a new version of the jag cdi that doesn't have the big timing retard in it like the original model had or has, what you have may do everything you ever need or want it to do, I say if you're happy with it and if it aint broke leave it be... no need to fix something that aint broke, just ride safe and enjoy it just like it is, obviously jag is still making his. Di because people like it, I have said what I have to let people know that they shouldn't buy the more expensive ignition parts under the impression that they will see a noticeable power or speed gain, when it has been proven that the stock unit does a good job for cheap, if someone enjoys tinkering and trying new gadgets and gizmos like I do then by all means buy one and try it out... I waiste a little money here and there on my bikes but its part of the hobby for me and I dont chance more than I can afford to loose, like I said I have a Lightening CDI and I have a Rocket CDI and several stock units, I plan to test lightening against the rocket for top speed and I know that there for sure wont be any felt difference up to top speed between the two, but I cant tell someone they need a Jag a Lightening or Rocket CDI because it will make their bike faster becausethat just isn't being honest.

I chose to order the Rocket CDI because I want to deal with respectful and ethical vendors when I spend my hard earned money on parts and pieces, the maker of the Rocket CDI seems to be a straight shooter and not a jerk to people and I cant say that for some others who are making CDI's and over charging the heck outta people for them in my opinion.

Stock or custom CDI doesnt really matter, get everything else right for the best performance regardless of the ignition you choose and that will provide you with the extra speed and torque you're looking for, a cdi will never make a big or even noticeable performance difference alone.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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