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Default Re: How do You break in your ht motor?

You'll get a lot of different answers for that question because everyone has their own methods... Here's how I do it...

With a new engine I'll start it and run it for about 10 minutes but constantly blipping the throttle not letting it run at any specific rpm, just blipping the throttle keeping it between about 2500 to 3500 rpm with the clutch in and no load on the engine. After the engine is warmed up for about 10 to 15 minutes I'll shut it down and let it cool all the way which takes about 30 minutes. this step will loosen up the engine and gets it ready to ride on.
After the engine is cooled all the way down it's time to take it for a short ride... again under 30 minutes of run time. This ride I'll go slow but run it from 5 to 10 mph trying not to hold any certain speed, just run it from about 5 mph and crack the throttle about half way then let it slow back down etc... Bringthe bike back home and let it cool all the way down again.

After it's cooled down I'll check the torque on the head nuts by backing off the torque and retorquing each nut one at a time, then I'll check for anything that may have worked loose like header bolts, manifold bolts, chain tensioner... just check everything you can think of...

Next run will also be short (less than 30 minutes) and similar to the previous but giving it short bursts up to about 3/4 throttle and running it around 15 mph but let it burst up to 20 or so. Let it cool after about 20 to 30 minutes, then it can be ridden a few more times like this.

After the first tank of fuel you can start giving it more but keep your full throttle play to short bursts, no full speed runs but cruise at different throttle positions, you'll start to feel the engine become stronger and faster during this time.

After the second tank, this is when you can start opening it up and seeing what it can do, it's still not fully broken in but it's safe to play with it more. This is also a good time to check your head bolt torques and check that nothing else worked it's way loose, by this time everything should stay put and shouldn't work it's way loose, but still worth checking.

The engine will get a little stronger after a few more tanks but it's safe after about the 3rd tank to ride it however you want.
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