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Default Re: Piston Stuck

I agree with you Map ... All we can do is speculate and throw out suggestions without more details..

Lowraus, Do you have a way to shoot a video? or even post some pics? That would help immensely for us to point you in the right direction. You can shoot a video with your phone and upload it to youtube fairly easily if you got a late model android or I phone and I could show you how if you're interested. If you can't do the video, maybe take some pics and post on imageshack or photobucket and link them to your posts in here so we can see your engine or your parts.

The more we know about the problem, the better help you'll get, there's a lot of talent in here who can easily get you back up and running and I'll help as much as I can as well but we need better details on the problem or problems so we can tell you the right fix.

I hope you get it running again and it doesn't matter if it's me or another member, or a group of members in here that finds the problem and gives you the right advise, but the better and the more detailed you describe the problem, the easier it is for one of us to give you the right advise and help you get back up and running.
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