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Originally Posted by lowaus View Post
one of the engines was cracked from the bottom end since day one , It came cracked in the box, so the seller sent a replacement, which was fine before i went for a long holiday for 4 months and left it outside, so i installed the top end from the new one to the one left outside and i got it to run today, put for some reason it seems to have no power, literally won't go over 14 miles, any one know why, also their seems to be a tinging sound coming
No way any of us could no what the soumd is, we could probably give you a dozen different possibilities and maybe one or two of them may be it but who knows what that would be honestly.

I wish I could point you directly to the answers you need but it seems you just have problem on top of problem and dont really understand these engines enough to solve them, makes me feel a bit helpless on this end because I really want to help ya but just cant cigure out
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