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Originally Posted by Toothy View Post
So map are u saying running a stock cdi is the way to go......jag and others are a snake oil product.
As far as performance goes you can get just about all any china girl is capable of giving by just running a stock cdi, I've registered over 9000 rpm on two of my engines running a stock cdi, the jag and lightening cdi isn't gonna give any benefit, if someone likes how rhey look and like the idea of the bigger coil thats fine, kinda like chrome wheels doesnt make a car faster......
There may be a little benefit to the hotter coil with engines running more oil in the mix, I dont really think it has an effect on mine that much because I run 100:1 mix Opti2 oil which is only 1.28oz per gallon so combustion takes place easy in my engines since there isn't a heavy load of oil in the mix.

I do think the stock cdi has clearly been proven to be plenty adequate for stock builds all the way up to the few who have broke the 50mph barrier, top performance seems to be affected by other factors way more than the cdi and coil, a well tumed and balanced engine with a good exhaust performs great with a stock unit, the old style jag has been proven to hender performance rather than improve it, top speed will drop several mph on a good running engine when a jag cdi is installed in place of the stock unit.

Hope this helps explain my opinion and personal experience.

$10 for a stock unit and if all else is in order 40+ mph is not har to accomplish.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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