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Originally Posted by lowaus View Post
Alright so i made sure the rings were aligned and everything no hope. I installed the cylinder on with the piston at bottom dead centre and it seems to always stop moving at the inlet ports. i tried this with 3 different cylinder, and it was always the same results
Dude I dont know what to telll you at this point... I have never heard of the issues you're having, but I can say that if the piston is in good shape, the jug is in good shape and you are getting something binding up, its got to be something else in the lower end of that end causing the problem.

Take the piston off of the connecting rod and install it with rings on it into the cylinder and with the handle of a hammer or a piece of a old broom handle or something simular slowly push the piston up into the cylinder and all the way out the top, if it slide through without getting hung up, then that aint your problem.

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