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Smile Re: Rear tire size Skyhawk Frame

Originally Posted by fischer550 View Post
Hi all, I am building a bike on a sky hawk frame. I bought a rear rim which measures 26x1.75. Will a 26x2.125 tire on that rim be too much and rub on the motor chain? Do you think a 26x1.95 or smaller is a better choice? Thanks
In my experience, the 26x2.125 tires I have are about the same width as the 26x1.95 tires when use on the narrower aluminum rims, however the 26x1.95 tires seem to have plenty of chain clearance when used on either the narrower or the wider type rims, if you are using a coaster hub on the rear you can normally use a sprocket adapter and sprocket made for the adapter like this and you will be able to align the chain so that it has plenty of clearance from the 26x2.125 tire even if it is mounted on the wider rim like comes on the huffy Cranbrook bikes and such.

personally I have always ran 26x1.95 tires on the wide rims, and either the 1.95 or the 2.125 size on the narrower type rims that are most commonly the aluminum rims that are standard on most bikes now days.

I have the rag joint set up on all my bikes for now but I'm in the process of switching a couple bikes over to the Pirate adapter and the Pirate sprocket, and my main reason it for tire clearance and because they are easier on the wheel spokes and look good as well.

Hope this helps.

and here is a link to the type sprocket that is needed for the adapter for a coaster wheel or for the other wheel adapters Pirate sells for other type wheels as well.

They have sprockets from the 36T all the way up to the BIG DAWGS...! on this page

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