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Default Re: Piston Stuck

If you need to use a hammer or mallet to slide the piston into the jug, something's not right.

Getting the piston in there can be a tricky thing.. I slide the jug down the studs to meet the piston (at about half-way between top and bottom of stroke, that gives me room to move the piston instead of the jug). With one end of the top ring against the pin in the groove, work around the ring compressing it into the groove while keeping enough pressure on that as soon as it can, it slides into the bottom of the jug. The hardest tools I use for the job are my thumbnails. Gently push/wiggle it in until you can repeat with the second ring (which, for no other reason than "because I do", I go the opposite direction around the piston positioning it the same way). Once both are in, you should be able to seat the jug against the bottom end and move the piston by turning the nut on the magneto shaft.


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