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Default Re: Grease: How Do You Do It?

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
As I live on the coast, I started using a marine grade grease for a couple of reasons - I was getting it for free & it claimed far better longevity & water resistance than auto-grade lubricants...

I was so impressed by the difference, I've not used anything else since... although it's true I no longer get it for free lol;

...and these lil epoxy syringes are just the thing for application & maintenance, they really help to get the stuff right where ya want it while keeping the mess to a minimum;

Man that looks a lot like AeroShell grease in that syringe... AeroShell is some super high grade anti corrosive grease used in aircraft landing gear and other direct metal to metal places that get exposed to extreme conditions. I'd be using that on my bearings if it wasn't so messy... lol It stays put really good, but it bleeds oil all over everything
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