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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Kickstand stabilizer / workstand tip:

Originally Posted by saulgood View Post
kickstand tip:
I got rid of my old steel kickstand (it was too short anyway) and bought an aluminum "two legger" that mounts in the same place (couldn't tell you the brand but it's shaped like an upside down "Y"). My bike store had it laying around for about 20 bucks. It weighs about the same as the old one did, maybe even less, and the bike stands up straight when parked so it takes up less space.
The best thing about it though is that it holds the back wheel just off the ground which makes it a great work stand for adjusting the drive train.
I agree. A center "two legger" does make M-B drive train servicing much easier. The kickstand I have (see: still required me to be careful to avoid upsetting the balance knocking the bike over with the wheel off for example.

After thinking about this for a while I made a "stabilizer" using some angle iron to fit the kickstand dimensions that I attached to a 4" x 4" x 2 to 3' post. This fixture captures the kickstand legs and locks them in place with cross-bolts. The post lifts the rear tire 4" and the 2+' length makes it practically impossible to accidentally bump the bike under repair knocking it over. It also allows the bike to be rotated, once on the stabilizer to put the rear wheel down and lift the front for service. It can also be used to help stabilize the bike during transport in a truck bed. In my own experience it is quick and easy to lift the rear wheel with the kick stand down and place the legs into the stabilizer.

Dimsnsions are not critical, just measure the spread of the kickstand legs and their width. If you use an elevated work table, you can set the width of the 4"x4" post to suit the table width.

I've attached some photos of it in use on my bike to help explain the stabilizer concept.

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