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Default Banana Seat Mod for extra comfort

I have the Schwinn Banana Seat on my motor cross machine and although it is OK for a very smooth dirt or asphalt or cement roads, the trails I usually are standing on the pegs the whole time.

For the few areas where it may be smooth enough to sit a short while, an occasional bump gets past me and the seat is just not up to preventing a delayed soreness that is not pleasant.

I am going to remove the seat cover and foam. I have thicker foam and will either get newer larger seat cover to allow stuffing with the thicker foam, or sew and extend the existing plastic clear cover with fabric.

The paint toward the aft section of the disassembled seat, I will sand off so I can weld and widen it a bit. I just want to really help the bumps to not cause as much psi on you know where!

I can tell the steel material will not be a problem with my MIG punching through as it seems thick enough. I will weld on a structure, but keep a narrower area as the seat was originally made toward the front by the seat post tube. That way getting on and off the seat will be easy enough.

When I am under way, I can momentarily stand up on the pegs and slide back a bit to the wider foam area so I can have the most comfort when and if I am not needing to stand on the foot pegs.

I have two of these banana seats and one is just slightly narrower at the widest point. I can still keep riding with the other while I work modding the extra.

I bought the second one thinking it had a bit more padding and was wider. It really did next to nothing to help.

I'll have pictures through out to show the progress. Maybe in the future a seat from scratch as I get the hand of how this works out.

MT The first picture shows a little of the bumps that need the seat to be modded One of my pics in my albums show when I was first starting out. That is also a Schwinn Banana seat the red colored one. The other silver one is really much the same.

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